The Nightlife In Georgia: A Guide To Tbilisi And Batumi Nightlife

  • 6 fun things to do in Georgia
  • Georgia has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife. Here are five of our favorite things to do in Tbilisi and Batumi after dark:
  • Visit a nightclub: Georgia is home to some of the best nightclubs in Eastern Europe. If you’re looking to dance the night away, head to Bassiani or Cafe Gallery in Tbilisi, or Club Velvet in Batumi.
  • Go to a bar: For a more relaxed evening, check out one of Tbilisi’s many bars. I recommend Barfly for craft beer lovers and Bauhaus for those who appreciate good design. Alternatively, try Art Café Nine line in Batumi for stunning views of the cityscape.
  • See a show: Georgia is known for its vibrant theatre and film scenes. Catch a play at the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre or see a movie at Amirani Cinema. Or, if you’re in Batumi, take in a show at the legendary ARGO Factory.
  • Try your luck at a casino: Georgia has several casinos where you can test your luck. The most popular ones are located in Tbilisi’s Marriott Hotel and the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.
  • Go clubbing: For an unforgettable clubbing experience, head to Bassiani in Tbilisi or Club One Hundred in Batumi. You’ll be dancing until dawn!
  • Georgia also has some great sulfur baths. The most famous one is in Tbilisi and is called the Tbilisi sulfur bath. It’s located in the Old Town district and is said to have healing properties. So if you’re feeling a bit sore after a night on the town, a visit to the Tbilisi sulfur bath is just what you need!

A guide to Tbilisi nightlife

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Tbilisi boasts a population of around three million people and an area of seven hundred square kilometers. The city is located on the banks of the Mtkvari River and is surrounded by mountains. Tbilisi is known for its beautiful architecture, its lively nightlife scene, and its friendly people.

As Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi is the place to go if you’re looking for a good time. Here are some of the best nightlife spots in Tbilisi:

  • Bassiani: This techno club is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in Tbilisi. Located in an abandoned swimming pool, Bassiani attracts locals and visitors from all over the world.
  • Cafe Gallery: If you’re looking for a more laid-back evening, head to Cafe Gallery. This hipster bar is known for its excellent cocktails and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Barfly: Beer lovers will feel right at home at Barfly. This cozy bar has a huge selection of craft beers from Georgia and abroad.
  • Bauhaus: Bauhaus is a stylish bar located in Tbilisi’s Old Town. This is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while taking in the beautiful architecture of the city.
  • Art Café Nine line: Located on top of a hill, Art Café Nine line offers stunning views of the cityscape. This is the perfect spot for an evening coffee or glass of wine.
  • Mtatsminda Park: Mtatsminda Park is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air and stunning views of Tbilisi. After dark, the park comes alive with locals and visitors enjoying the nightlife scene.


Traveling just about anywhere in Georgia used to feel like a big adventure, which if you’re like me is the best kind of adventure.

Things don’t always go to plan, buses arrive or not, businesses open or not, political conflicts mean that going to certain areas requires long-term planning and roads that are the body has a lot of problems, you will be afraid to waste time on the wheel. But beyond that, the landscape is full of beauty and intensity, the cities are steeped in culture and history and when it comes to food and wine, Georgia knows how to do it. .

On top of things that may seem a little chaotic, but with a little change and sometimes ready to fly by the seat of your pants, it’s really a beautiful place that’s easy to travel and the perfect place for someone who each looking for a bad place. . Here are my top Georgia tips and some things worth knowing before you go.

1 | Don’t even think you’re jumping off a cliff
From the lush grasslands and awe-inspiring mountains of Kazbegi to the glacier-covered valleys and forests of Svaneti to the rare Caucasus mountains that I still long to explore, the mountains of Georgia are a perfect feast for distance to the sea. a true hiker’s paradise, whether you’re looking for a fun day hike or a tough multi-day hike. But, for those who are not interested in tourism, small pockets of the desert can be enjoyed in a more leisurely way, and the roads that are improving every time make it easier than ever to enter remote mountain sides.
2 | Food, wonderful food and many herbal options
Georgia is the kind where the humble heirloom tomato is transformed into a beautiful addition with the simple addition of spices and salt, while walnuts and eggplant are ground, roasted and combined to create a rich flavor. that melts in your mouth, and here. A long boat of airy, lightly salted, oven-baked bread is the perfect lunch. Homemade lemonade infused with mint and tarragon, fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice from a ramshackle street stall or a full glass of red, I still wonder how things The taste of Georgian cuisine is a secret.

Whether you’re staying in a remote mountain lodge or in a high-end hotel in Tbilisi, you’re guaranteed to eat delicious and delicious food that will fill your plate. stay longer. Really, the food is awesome!

In Georgia, food is often a communal affair. Supra-feasting is an important part of the culture, it is not unusual to sit down to a family meal in the home or find menus full of small dishes that are meant to be shared as a group. In hotels, a 10-15% service charge is added to the bill, especially in tourist hotels or in big cities. Don’t feel you need to provide extras. 3| Public transportation is well organized
Although the bus stations around Georgia are often chaotic and different (especially those scattered in Tbilisi), once you understand how it works, the trip itself is very nice.

Like most of Central Asia, marshrutkas – usually small minibuses – will be your bread and butter of travel and the easiest way to get around, although taxis are convenient, it although it is a little more expensive, for a short trip. . For popular routes, many services have scheduled departure times that are often displayed at the bus station, while other services depart after full.

Another option for long-distance travel in Georgia is the train, the most popular routes are the slow night service from Tbilisi to Zugdidi for Mestia and Batumi. International trains also serve Yerevan and Armenia and Azerbaijan.